A lunchbox choice gone bad

Made a lunchbox choice at 6:15am, but at 7:30am, time to enter school, realized you made a wrong choice. Ever happened to you? It happened to my biggest boy this morning. He sees me putting his lunch together around 6:15am and says, “I wanna use the Mickey Mouse wunch box, wike I used in Ms.Wadell’s (Ladell) class, (last school year) not the Olaf wunch box today.” I adhere to his request, packing his items for lunch into the specified lunch box. Our morning continues as routine. Load car. Drop little brother off at preschool. Head to elementary school. Pull into parking spot, 7:25ish, and a declaration comes forth from my biggest boy, in the back seat. “I DON’T want the Mickey Mouse wunch box today!!” I reply with the apology you’d expect, offering every explanation that comes to mind: it’s too late to change your mind, you can take the other lunch box tomorrow, etc. Nothing worked. Redirection attempts ensued. Hurry, let’s get to class before the bell rings. Let’s have a great day so I can write a smiley face on your calendar (Reward system at home). Still, nothing got his mind off the “wunch box”. So, I try movement. “Let’s get out of the car”, forcing a smile to my face, in an effort to maintain patience with my biggest boy. With movement, I sing whatever words come to mind about going to school and listening to your mom. P moves out of the car, shaking his head “no” the whole time. We walk to the door of the school. He says, “I not goin in. I dont want Mickey Mouse wunch box!”, as he refuses to take the lunchbox from my extended hand. I see the minutes passing. I reply, “P, the only other option you have is one of my garbage bags from the car.” P says, “Alright, I want dat!”. So, that’s what he got. Mom conceded the battle. P won the “fight”. But look at the smile on his face. He joyfully walked into school; I turned to walk back to my car, as the words from my morning’s devotion rang through my head. Be more like Christ. Don’t place your rights above what Christ commands–patience. My biggest boy helped me exercise patience this morning. I definitely needed the lesson. God gave me a really cute teacher. So thankful for him.


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